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We're on a mission to build the world's #1 sales intelligence platform

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Our Story

In 2009, two brothers embarked on a mission to create the best Sales Intelligence Platform available. Over the years, our product roadmap has grown to include new integrations and features. But our commitment to constructing the most valuable and cost-effective Sales Intelligence Platform available has never changed.

Today, our platform has become a must-have for sales and marketing teams worldwide. Our platform has 200+ primary features, plugins for Chrome, Gmail and Outlook, 600 million contacts, 4 data centers with over 6 TB of Data and over 300 integrations.

Through the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, we are now able to identify the Person, not just the company visiting your website. Stay tuned for what comes next!



Our Milestones

Our Milestones

Quite Possibly the largest B2B Contact Database Available!

We expanded our Contact Data to over 706 million contacts! This is our largest update ever! This data set will give you the ability to Find Anyone, At Any Company - Instantly! We provide details about job responsibilities, accolades, work experience, education, web mentions and links to social media profiles.…
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Released Chrome Plugin for Quick Contact lookup

For our Gmail customers, we added a new Chrome Plugin. Like the Outlook Plugin, this extension works just like the app. When you visit a website, you can open the plugin to learn more about the company and its employees, including contact info. Benefit:  While on any website, we'll show…
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Data Enrichment functionality Released

Our bulk enrichment improved the quality of our data for our customers.

Upgraded outlook plugin

Also in 2022, we upgraded our Outlook Plugin for ease of use. Our Outlook customers could now use the Plugin as a quicker substitute for the app.

Added system wide tagging

In 2022, we expanded our tagging feature to help our customers with lead segmentation. By tagging contacts in the database, you can easily revisit them in the future when you have time to further evaluate them.

Released industry-leading guarantee with automated refund function

We decided to reimburse contact credits that receive a Confidence Score of 40 or less. This reimbursement happens automatically so our customers don't have to waste time submitting a request.

We released contact confidence score as a double validation of contact records. Once at acquisition, again in real-time when customer uses contact.

To help our customers better evaluate our contact data, we decided to include a Confidence Score. This score estimates the likelihood that an email address is accurate. You can check the Historical Confidence Score for an indication of accuracy or run a Real-Time Confidence Score for an updated estimate.

Built-in Consent Tool for WebID +Person

We always adhere to the latest privacy laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), as well as international data regulations. We protect our customers’ personal data and we gather data in accordance with all applicable regulatory guidelines. To help keep you in compliance, we have introduced a built-in Cookie…
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We expanded our contact data to over 606 million contacts.

Our B2B Contact Database grew to encompass more than a million cell phone numbers and 600 million contacts overall. Visual Visitor became the most comprehensive database on the market.

Added first party data integration – customers, contacts, computers

In February 2021, we improved our integration to better utilize first party data.

Added Buyer Intent Data

Adding Buyer Intent Data solidified our role as a lead generation platform. Our Intent Campaign feature works in tandem with our Contact Database to unearth high-quality leads.

Rebranded company: created new logo and updated website

Also in 2020, we decided to rebrand. We changed our logo and updated our website.

Rick joined full time

In August 2020, our co-founder, Rick Batchelor, joined the company full-time.

Added WebID +Employee With Remote Worker Identification

Not much good came from the Covid situation, but it did force our hand on getting Remote Worker functionality completed. Yes, we are now able to identify Remote Workers of companies visiting your website.   [caption id="attachment_14178" align="alignleft" width="300"] Remote Worker Identification[/caption]

Added Reseller White Label Domain Support

Reseller Specific Support Portal: To better assist our reseller partners, we created a support portal specifically for white labeling.

Added B2B Contact data

In addition to adding Buyer Intent Data, we also increased our B2B Contact Data. We wanted to make sure our database incorporated contacts working in a variety of industries and locations.

Added B2B Contact Database

In 2019, we uploaded over 500 million contacts into our B2B contact database. This step moved us closer to our goal of becoming the best Sales Intelligence Platform on the market.

Added WebID +Employee

After years of trial and error, we finally have the ability to identify employees at companies visiting your website.  A big thanks to artificial intelligence!

Grew past our first 2,000 paying customers

Between 2014 and 2018, we doubled our number of paying customers. Reaching 2,000 customers encouraged us to continue expanding our platform by incorporating B2B contact data.

Opened Jacksonville office

In 2018, we opened our Jacksonville office to accommodate our growing development team.

Added Review Tracking

We introduced our Review Tracking feature in 2018. This product automatically pulls reviews into the Visual Visitor platform so our users can read and respond to reviews directly from the app.

Added Text Message inbox

Our text message inbox was designed in 2016 to streamline our customers' outreach by allowing them to log interactions with customers without leaving the platform.

Added form tracking tool

The form tracking tool we added in 2016 works in conjunction with our website visitor ID to track inbound leads.

Added call tracking with keyword level tracking

In 2016, we introduced our Keyword Level Call Tracking feature. To improve our customers’ marketing ROI, we developed a product that uncovers the advertising source behind the phone call (i,e. PPC ad, social media, website post). Our Call Tracking feature goes one step further than our competitors by identifying the…
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Added Gmail Plugin

In addition to our Outlook Plugin, we also developed a Gmail Plugin. This extension enabled our customers to track emails sent on Gmail.

Added Outlook Plugin

Shortly thereafter, we designed a plugin for Outlook. This plugin kickstarted our email tracking initiative.

Added Zapier integration

Our Zapier integration was developed in 2015. This integration helped our customers automate tasks and share information across different apps.

Opened our Atlanta office

2014 was also the year we opened our Atlanta office where our dedicated sales team and support reps are located.

Grew past our first 1000 paying customers

In 2014, we exceeded 1000 paying customers. This was an exciting milestone that prompted us to expand our business.

Added Email Marketing Integrations

In 2013, we developed integrations to streamline our customers' email marketing.

Re-architected database for unlimited growth

Redesigning our database in 2011 was one of the best decisions we ever made. Expanding beyond Website Visitor Identification was a crucial step toward becoming a comprehensive Sales Intelligence Platform.

Added White Label Agency tools

Shortly after releasing our Visitor ID product, we developed white label tools for marketing agencies. As a result, our reseller partners could effectively white label and distribute our products to their customers.

Released the original version of our Visitor ID product

Visual Visitor's original Platform, equipped with Website Visitor Identification software, was released in 2010.

Founded Visual Visitor

In 2009, Rick and Kevin Batchelor created Visual Visitor with the intention of designing the world’s #1 Sales Intelligence Platform. Our Platform has evolved over the years to incorporate new technology but our mission has never changed: to help you sell more in less time.